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Forum » Test category » Interviews with Litesound(интервью с группой) » interviews with Jacopo(BY MARIA, A BELARUSSIAN FAN [04.2009)
interviews with Jacopo(BY MARIA, A BELARUSSIAN FAN [04.2009)
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1) Have you decided to become a musician in your childhood?
Yes, at first I wanted to become a football player but soon I understood that music was something more special for me.
2) What did your parents think about your interest to music at that time?
Thanks God they've followed and supported me from the beginning. They've always been curious, happy and excited about my passion.They taught me that respect is all. And to believe in dreams! They are my best fans, they are two songs in my heart.

3) What were your ambitions when you just started your creative life (music career)?
I had the dream to win contests and share as much emotions as possible. I've often seen tears on the faces in front of me. That was a good sign. But now I prefer smiles or screams eheh

4) You are not only building your music career but also continue to study. How do you manage to combine this?
I really don't know. If I've to be serious I think studying is my favourite hobby now eheh.. I prefer music, i don't know why!!!

5) Which (music) contests have you participated in?
I've been taking part in big and small contests all over the Italy, expecially in the north. Hundreds experiences of growth. From my hometown Vercelli, to Torino, Milano, Venezia, Genova, Firenze, Roma, Napoli, Sicilia etc.

6) You have released your first album. Tell a few words about it.
The title: "Energia Emotiva" is easy to understand even if it's written in my language. The songs tell about the most powerful of human emotions as a range of rainbow's colors. It's my first work, written and produced from 2006 to 2008. Inside features our hit song "Solo Per Te" written together with Litesound. A real masterpiece.

7) Here in Belarus you are a frequent and warmly greeted guest because of your cooperation with Lifesound. How did you get acquainted with the guys?
It was 2005. They came in Italy for a cool contest and they won it! I just think destiny wanted we met!

8) How did you decide to work together?
Because we are similar.. there are some affinities. Don't we look like 3 pretty nice brothers?!? Ahahahah

9) Which of your performances do you consider to be the brightest?
I always hope it's the next one... Well, every time the audience is even better and make me feel something undiscovered before. That's pure magic... I can't describe it! I think the last performance in Minsk was perfect!

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10) What is Belarus for you?
Belarus is my second home!!! Really.
11) How did it happen so that you are representing Belarus in “New Wave”?
It's very simple but crazy! Litesound called me just one week before the selections and I just came. Then we passed to Moscow. It's been an amazing experience. And now.. Let's go to Jurmala!!!

12) You speak Italian, English and know a few words in Russian. Do you plan to learn it in the future?
Dadada.. Ya lublu cyrillic alphabet expecially because it has something magic and secret. Sometimes I use it here just for fun because it is so stylish! Every time I come there I learn something new and I improve a little my pronunciation. Actually I just know some clever and funny sentences to say. I speak Italian, English, Spanish and French because I'm studying them. For sure Russian will be my next language!

13) What is the best holidays for you?
To be on tour!!! That would be my favourite holyday, defenitely.

14) Now you have to work in different countries. How do you find time for it?
It's quite hard to do but is a wonderful chance. I must find time for this! It doesn't matter how.. I'll sleep when I'm old eheh

15) What is your craziest doing?
Well.. mmm for example eating a pizza in 1 minute ahahah. Anyway, you know.. I'm not very crazy in real life. Only when I am on stage it's easy to be witness of many crazy actions. I love to astonish the audience! It's one of my aims.

16) What are your plans for the nearest future?
Make something epic. I still don't know where and when exactly. But I know why..

17) Maybe you would like to say a few words to your fans?
Yes of course! My fans are my friends, I really know and love one by one of you! Right now I can only send a big CIAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Please keep supporting me everywhere, share my stuff with new friends, and spread the whole World without fear! I'd be so gratefull, I'm not joking! See you next time, I always love to talk and have some fun with you.

18) When do you plan to come to Belarus the next time?
Tomorrow night for a surprise concert.. eheh no it's not true but it would be kruto! See you in July for a concert I think, before going to Latvia with my brothers Litesound. I can't wait to enjoy again together on stage!!! And I'm so proud to support Belarus in Jurmala! We will fight, I promise.
Spasibo everybody, see you soon. Stay tuned!
With Love, JM ★♥

Forum » Test category » Interviews with Litesound(интервью с группой) » interviews with Jacopo(BY MARIA, A BELARUSSIAN FAN [04.2009)
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